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Skin healer

SKIN HEALER & PROTECTOR SPRAY                                                       50 ml

  1.  Suitable for open wounds or any skin infection ​

  2. Effectively inhibit the microbes on the infected areas

  3. Forms an invisible layer of long lasting protection

  4. Gentle formula let the skin restore to normal

    One Time per Day.
    Gently apply the foam evenly onto the infected area.

24 hours protection

Suitable for: Wounds, infected skin

SHAMPOO & FUR PROTECTOR                                                             250 ml

  1. Resolves chronic skin inflammation and odors

  2. Replaces medicated shampoo that is poisonous to pets

  3. Residual protection inhibits cross-transmission of disease

  4. Restores hair follicles and promote hair regains

    1 Time per week.
    Gently massage into fur with warm water. Make sure foam covers

    over infected area. Rinse thoroughly after massage.

14 DAYS protection

Suitable for: Treatment for healthy animals and infected individuals

SPRAY & GO FUR PROTECTOR                                                             180 ml

7 DAYs protection

  1. Perfect product for dry-cleaning

  2. Avoid itchiness between showers

  3. Soften and detangle hair

  4. Maintain germ-free hair and remove body odor.

    Gently spray 1-2 times with 15cm distance. Then comb thoroughly.

Spray & Go

Suitable for: Dry clean between showers and detangle hair

CLEANER & SANITISER SPRAY                                                             180 ml

  1. Maintain germ free environment for pets

  2. Avoid disease transmission from sicked individual

  3. Suitable for cleaning accessories and surroundings


    Directly spray onto contaminated areas and clean with towel.


14 DAYs protection

Suitable for: sanitize accessories and surroundings

LITTER TRAY DEODORISER SPRAY                                                        180 ml

  1. Clear irritating odors from the litter or toilet

  2. Kill 99.99% bacteria, virus and fungus in seconds

  3. Refresh scent improve hygiene

  4. Avoid cross-transmission of common disease


    Spray onto the surface of the litter tray or dog toilet. Let dry or
    wipe with towel.


Suitable for: sanitize litter tray & pet toilet and remove 

14 DAYs protection

Bedding & Laundry Protector                                                          250 ml

  1. Clear odor and germs from garments

  2. Refresh scent improve hygiene

  3. EPA and BPD approved standard that guarantees eco-friendly


    Squirt bottle twice (about 15ml/5kg) into softener compartment    
    during laundry.


Up to 20 washes protection

Suitable for: All types of Garments like dog bed, bed sheets and clothes

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